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Code Completion for Imported modules

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Code Completion for Imported modules

This was probably asked before, but how do we get code completion for imported modules?  The help suggests that if we have modules that we use the "require()" method, but that does not seem to give us any code completion capabilities for the imported code.  Am I missing something?  If this is not a built in feature, is there a way to achieve this functionality with either a script extension or plugin?

Thank you in advance


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Help Documenation
The Collaborator API is a JSON-RPC API that lets you integrate with Collaborator 9.0 and above. For more information about how the API works, check out the API description here:

Sample Plugins
For an example of an add-in that uses the API, take a look at the Microsoft Word Add-in for Collaborator:

We list all the great plugins our network has already built on this page on the SmartBear website.