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Alternative for Storages object in Script Extention that doesn't support Storages object

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Alternative for Storages object in Script Extention that doesn't support Storages object


Below is my function that uses Storages object in Test complete. I tried putting the same code in Script extension. But got the error message 'Object required'. because Script extension doesn't support Storages object.

can any one please give me equivalent vb script code for the same?


sSecName = "LanguageList"

sArrSubSec = "English"

sOptionName = "ShortDateFormat"

sXMLFile = "D:\Arun\ScrExtProjectSuite\Stores\Test Data\TestData_TestAutomation2.xml"

Function FetchValueFromXML(sXMLFile,sSecName,sArrSubSec, sOptionName) 

Note: This function returns Value of an Option of a Section/subsection in XML


Dim sSubSec,arrSubSec 

'Read the data from XML file

Set FileSection =Storages.XML(sXMLFile)

Set sSection = FileSection.GetSubSection(sSecName) 

'Subsections are separated by "#"

arrSubSec= split(sArrSubSec,"#")

' log.Message arrSubSec(0)& arrSubSec(1) 

'Traverse subsection hierarchy and get the expected Section

For i = 0 to UBound(arrSubSec)

if arrSubSec(i) <> "" then 

'arrSubSec(i) <> Null AND

Set sSubSec= sSection.GetSubSection(arrSubSec(i))

Set sSection= sSubSec

End If



'Get the Value of the Option in sub section

If sSubSec.OptionExists(sOptionName) Then

sVal = Trim(sSubSec.GetOption(sOptionName, Null))

FetchValueFromXML= sVal


FetchValueFromXML= Null

End If

End Function


html file is attached along

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