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Uniqueunous in choosing Mapped Name Object names or properties


Uniqueunous in choosing Mapped Name Object names or properties



I mapped my already objects from a former view.

I refreshed the tree in Object Browser Tab.


Is it possible to indentify uniqueuly the similar objects?

Once I placed on an object a mapping, it is considered also for all the rest.

Should I map each parent uniqueuly according to the selected view? Is this remembered throught the whole mapping?

In the Object Browser hierarchy the object is highlighted, but when I use Touch or Touch(X, Y), the message: Cannot perform an action at point (20, 20), which is out of the control's bounds. In the mapping view it seems that it is stil lmapped as a child of the parent from the first view, instead of the current view, and the FullName set is wrong.

If I use the FullName considering also the Name of the Mobile Device (which I want to bypass using the Alliases.Device.) and the index of the specific view the control can be touched.

Is there something I am missing?


Best Regards,

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