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Explain connection string in test complete in detail

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Explain connection string in test complete in detail

on the link below:

in the line

 AConnection.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" + _
  "Data Source=C:\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\biblio.mdb"



What is provider how can i find it or it's just a connection string Syntax ??


And  in the line

 Cmd.CommandText = "Select * From Authors WHERE Authors.[Year Born] < :MyParam"
  Cmd.CommandType = adCmdText


What is MyParam ?
what is the mean CommandType and adCmdText ?
Can we execute as many query as we need ?

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Re: Explain connection string in test complete in detail



All the mentioned objects are not something provided by TestComplete but objects that are provided by ADO in Windows. Thus search for the ADO documentation to get an understanding of the technology and objects provided.


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