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Can I use on-screen action on iOS notification dialog sheet in TestComplete?

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Can I use on-screen action on iOS notification dialog sheet in TestComplete?



I have an issue with creating properly my first test of iOS application, because when I start app, I can see first screen of my application with iOS dialog sheet:


But TestComplete doesn't show me the exact screen which I have on my phone.


The question is - Can Testcomplete somehow recognize iOS dialog sheets? Can I use on them on-screen action since this is also part of my application?


Thanks in advice.

Kind regards,





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Yes and TestComplete can recognize all objects from my application. The issue is, that when the dialog sheet shows up, then I can't see screen of my phone (with application and dialog sheet on it) in "Show Mobile Screen" option.

After I close dialog sheet I can see screen with application again.

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Hi Adam,


This screen seems to be a kind of Windows UAC dialog that can't be processed by TestComplete. I seem to remember that there was a thread here that was about setting required permissions before the tested application starts in order to avoid dialogs like yours. The bad news is that I don't remember if this article was for Android, iOS or both. Another bad news is that I don't have the link at hand now. I will try to search for it but not earlier than on Monday, sorry for that.


Update: Found the thread:

It is for Android, but I wish something similar exists for iOS as well...


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Thanks for that, it's nice to hear that this is possible. I would love to know similar solution for iOS.

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