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show typed keys during test execution

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show typed keys during test execution

I need to test an application which is fully controlled.

Now during test execution I start video recording, to record the actions on screen.

I need TestComplete to display the simulated keystrokes so that keystrokes can be matched to the application's behaviour.


Is TestComplete able to display simulated keystrokes in a popup window on screen, during test execution?


If so, how to do?


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Re: show typed keys during test execution

I'm not sure I understand the question.  TestComplete, when using the "Keys" method, you will see on screen the keystrokes being entered in.  So, I'm not sure what pop-up window would need to be displayed?  

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Re: show typed keys during test execution

Probably you can do it using Indicator Icon:


And implement some method like:


def send_keys_indicator(keys):
    for key in keys:

And invoke it when required. You will see all inputs near the TestComplete icon. May be you will need to set a Key pressing delay (in Project Settings) to some significant value to make it visible on the screen.

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