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modal takes control of web site until


modal takes control of web site until

My script executes to a point where a modal is displayed and will not let the user advance until a check box is pressed.  Everything behind the modal is visibly faded and unselectable.  There is a check box, 1 enabled button, and 1 disabled button ( until the check box is selected ).  Test Complete can not see any text in the modal, the check box of the buttons.  I have them mapped properly in Name Mapping, so I am not sure why Test Complete can not see these items.  I have tried many various things suggested on this site and others, but none have worked so far.  Any ideas?


By the way, this also would be a nice enhancement to be able to map the items and select something that indicated these items would be displayed in a modal.  This would let Test Complete know that the normal flow of the web site was being interrupted by a modal that takes over control of the web ui until some action is done.

Community Manager

Re: modal takes control of web site until

Hi twhitehouse,


Modal windows blocks accessing to page elements. First of all, you need to learn how to handle your modal window. For this, I suggest that you read the Testing Modal Windows article ( ) - it describes the methods TestComplete provides to work with such windows.



Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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