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delete from grid

how to delet a particular record/row from a grid.When I record it selects particular record to delete script selects coordinates instead i want to write the code  :

i tried the below;

how can i select the particular row from a set of records, i tried to declare a variable, but doesnot seem to work.

i tried to delete the below way:it selects the whole grid not columns:

txtAttributeType="USD1"which was textedit field in a row.


if ((Aliases.Framework.ChildForm2.MainPanel.xtraTabControl1.WinFormsObject("xtraTabPageAttributes").WinFormsObject("attributesFinder1").WinFormsObject("dockPanelFilter").WinFormsObject("dockPanel1_Container").WinFormsObject("attributeFinderLayout1").WinFormsObject("layoutControl1").WinFormsObject("txtAttributeType") =="USD1"))
Aliases.Framework.ChildForm2.MainPanel.xtraTabControl1.xtraTabPageMaintenance.attributeMaintenanceControl1.grid.WinFormsObject("TextBoxMaskBox", "USD1").SetFocus();

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Re: delete from grid

Here's a lot of information on how to work with grids.  I suggest making sure you can find what you want in the grid before you start deleting things.


Re: delete from grid

[ Edited ]

Findrowby cell tex or FindRowInDataset  reference error  is seen any ideas?


function main()

{ var p, Grid,RowIndex;


RowIndex = FindRowInDataset (Grid, null, "Attribute Type", "452");

if (RowIndex != -1)

Grid.ClickCell(RowIndex, "Attribute Type");


Log.Error("Row was not Found");