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Using Unicode with Recorder.AddSyntaxToScript

Occasional Contributor

Using Unicode with Recorder.AddSyntaxToScript

I have written my own record action (as script extension) to handle certain cases during test recording. The implementation of the record action uses `Recorder.AddSyntaxToScript` to add operations to the test being recorded. Unfortunately I noticed that this function is unable to handle Unicode correctly.


Example (very much simplified): 


function RecordExecute_CurrentControl_JS()
  var call;
  call = Syntax.CreateInvoke();
  call.ClassValue = 'BuiltIn';
  call.InvokeName = 'MessageDlg';
  call.IsProperty = false;



This will end up in my keyword test as follows:


BuildIn    | MessageDlg    | "\\u2030Šš\\u203a\\u2039žŽŸŒœ\\u2022€" 



Is there any method I need to call on my string parameter to prepare it for `AddSyntaxToScript`?


P.S.: Recorder.AddTextToScript works just fine with any Unicode-String passed.

Community Leader

so it works well because you get the good utf encoding. When you run it's not working ?

Un sourire et ça repart

Occasional Contributor

No, the given example does not work as expected. It displays a message box containing "\u2030Šš\u203a\u2039žŽŸŒœ\u2022€" and not my string passed from the JavaScript code. Thus the string is not interpreted correctly. Also the string ist not correctly displayed inside the keyword test editor.


If I add operations using `AddTextToScript`, any unicode characters are displayed correctly inside the keyword test editor and also during execution of the test. 

Community Leader

I dont know if in KWT you have to play with Project options Unit encoding ? (Tools / current project properties / General / Unit encoding). Perhaps try it ?

Un sourire et ça repart

Community Manager

Thank you for helping out here Benoit!


@easy-soft did the advice help you solve the issue?

Sonya Mihaljova
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No, unfortunately the encoding of the script files does not change the behaviour. It is set to UTF-8. As I've already stated, AddTextToScript works fine and AddSyntaxToScript in the same script function does not.

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