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what is the training path for a new test complete user.  I am looking at:

  • TestComplete Live Online Scripting Training w/ Computer Based Training Bundle or
    TestComplete Live Online Keyword Training w/ Computer Based Training Bundle
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Re: Training

Really depends on the user and desired approach. Technically you can do anything with Keyword Tests you can with scripting tests. Personally though I find pure scripting to be much easier to maintain and more straight forward, but has a higher learning curve.


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Re: Training


I know that this is not the general topic of this discussion but there is a good book for someone who use TestComplete for the first time:

I have it and it helped me a lot at the beggining.

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Re: Training

Hi @dagb60bear,


You can start with TestComplete 101, follow the TestComplete Basics: Web Testing course - they are free. You can find them here:


If you need more stuff to learn, you can take one of the specified course. 



Tanya Gorbunova
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Re: Training

There is a free course here: and then the advanced is paid for if you want to go further.

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