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Tested application freeze

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Tested application freeze



I ran into a problem and i tried to to fix it for days, but no success. My problem is that my tested application freezes randomly after i press some buttons on the form. The problem is that after I press these buttons a new applicaiton window appears(do not know why, but it is csrss.exe dialog box) and after we press Okay on that form the main application unfreezes. The problem is that we do not know when thesse window will show up, so we put them into the unexpected window handler, but it will not trigger, becasue i think the main application is frozen and it is waiting for it. We can not ignore in freezer diagnostic the main app, because it freezes for 30se c-1 min randomly but it will continue running. So my question is, is there a way to make a appfreezeevent handler, or something like that, or are there other methods to solve this problem? Thank you for your asnwers!

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Re: Tested application freeze

I'd be talking to my developers about where that box is coming from and why.  How do you know it's supposed to be there?  A quick Google search showed me that csrss.exe could be malware.   You need to deal with that before trying to change your test.

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Re: Tested application freeze

Can you try using the below command before clicking the button and may be after clicking too.




This refresh the object browser of testcomplete. 



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