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Testcomplete - Object browser doesn't show any processes at all

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Testcomplete - Object browser doesn't show any processes at all

Hi.  I'm running testcompelte 14.40.  We imported and coverted an existing test suite and the scripts are running fine with no issues.  However, the object browser doesn't show anything.  I have the application open and whenever I select a mapped object in namemapping and chose show in object browser, I get a "Object cannot be shown in the object browser" message.  I also cannot highlight the object in the application.  However, if I use the object spy, I can highlight the object and it shows its mapped name.  How do I get the object browser to show my processes and objects?  Its currently empty and I don't know how to correct that.  This has never been a problem in earlier versions of testcomplete.  Thanks.


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I would contact Support directly with that question.  Here's the link:


I was able to fix the problem myself yesterday.  I went to the mapped objects section, I expanded the sys object to show the browser object.  Then I right clicked on the browser object and selected "Show in object browser".  After doing this several times, it seemed to "wakeup" the object browser and it started working and has been working ever since.  There is an odd side affect to this, everytime I open testcomplete and use source control to connect to the TFS server, the windows calculator app and my chrome browser both open.  This did not happen when the object browser wasn't working, so somehow its triggering those two applications to open.  I have contacted support.  


Thank you for the link.  I tried it out and now unwanted programs are no longer starting up.

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