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TestComplete vs. McAfee issue

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TestComplete vs. McAfee issue

My company uses McAfee for our network.


Since TC10? and up, when I first start up TestComplete and run a test or 2, a fail will occur not from the test script but from some interaction with TestComplete and the McTray.exe process which is then killed.


I have posted this issue a while back on this forum or SQAForum with not solution provided.


I'm curious if others experience the same issue.


What is the interaction here for running TestComplete and McAfee ???

Is there a tool or something I can use to monitor something to get more data here to debug?

This is a minor annoying issue.


I don't have control to a degree of what the company pushed out security wise for our network and computers,

but if it is a McAfee policy issue/configuration... then that is something I could go back to my IT dept with to get corrected or excluded from my automation infrastructure.


For now, the work around is run a few test to get the failure from McTray.exe or just kill the McTray.exe process before running automation.









Re: TestComplete vs. McAfee issue

Try specifying to ignore McTray.exe in the Process Filters option in the current project properties.


Project Properties - Process Filter Options


The filter is more for the purpose of reducing the amount of Open Apps (and their information) to examine, and not so much for ignoring processes entirely, but reducing the attempted interaction with the process is still worth a shot.


If that doesn't help, open up a support case and we can look into what TestComplete is doing with McTray.

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