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TestComplete not able to select value from Panel

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TestComplete not able to select value from Panel



I have a requirement to select value from Panel drowdown. But the usual methods such as Keys or ClickItem is not working here. I have attached the screenshots for reference.

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Re: TestComplete not able to select value from Panel



Can you provide the code?

I am really doubting that the Panel you are talking about represents a target dropdown.

Most probably, it is just a container and dropdown itself is emulated by the TextNode(0) for the main input field and TextNode(dropDownXXX) for the dropdown list.

If this is a case, then I would recommend to try something like this:

-- Click on the TextNode(0) to activate it;

-- Use .Keys() to enter required value into the field;

-- Execute TextNode(0).Keys("[Enter]") to confirm selection and close the dropdown.


The above sequence usually works. But the actual implementation of your given emulation of dropdown may require additional actions like clicking on the required highlighted dropdown item (TextNode(dropDownXXX)) or some other additional actions.


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