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TestComplete Utility Functions vs. Scripting Language Functions

Does anyone know if there are any advantages/disadvantages in using TestComplete utility functions rather than the scripting language's built-in functions?


to trim a string, I can use aqString.Trim() or the built-in VBScript's Trim().

to join 2 strings, I can use aqString.Concat() or just use the VBScript '&' operator

My thoughts - If TestComplete utility functions are merely wrappers over the scripting language's built-in functions, then isn't there extra overhead in using TestComplete's version of the common functions?
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RE: TestComplete Utility Functions vs. Scripting Language Functions

I know that, for creating Keyword Tests, it's a LOT easier to use the TC programming objects than it is to try and use the code commands.  I personally don't see any real difference between the two when it comes to processor use.  If there is any overhead, on my machine, it's minimal enough as to not even be visible.

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RE: TestComplete Utility Functions vs. Scripting Language Functions

Also, it is easier to translate the code from one scripting language to another if TestComplete functions are used.
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