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Test Complete Jenkins integration

New Contributor

Test Complete Jenkins integration

I'm trying to run Key Word Driven Tests via a Jenkins slave. The Jenkins slave has Windows 10 and Test Execute installed.


When I'm start the job I get the following error: 

[TestComplete] [ERROR] An exception occurred:
hudson.util.jna.JnaException: Win32 error: 2 - null.  -

If anyone has had similiar issues, help is highly appreciated


The Tests are ran via the Test Complete plugin.


A little more information:

- The Tests are ran in interactive mode, 

- Test Execute 14. 40 is is installed on the Slave,


Possible causes:

The Slave launch method isn't configured to start as a Windows service - I don't know what an impact does if anyone has the explaination, it would be highly appreciated.



Community Leader

Can You give us more information about this bug? Do You have any more info in error Jenkins log job file?

Community Manager

Thank you Wamboo, I agree here - @JanZav could you provide the info Wamboo requested, so the Community could help you more efficiently?

Sonya Mihaljova
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