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String multiple tests together


String multiple tests together

Still learning TC, but getting better. I see that you can create many KeywordTests, but how does one call one KeywordTest from another? 

Is it wise for me to make a bunch of small tests and link them together somehow? (e.g. loginTest -> changePasswordTest -> logoutTest) or to build one big test (e.g. loginchangepwordlogoutTest).

If the answer is the former, how do I link these tests together?

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Re: String multiple tests together

This should help:




It's almost never a good idea to make one big test.  Either build a framework test that calls all the other ones with particular data or in a particular order or use the Test Items feature above, or both!

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Re: String multiple tests together

You can use test items or you can build composite keyword tests out of multiple building blocks. Simply drag and drop your building blocks into a new keyword test and you should be good to go.  Really... that easy. 🙂


And then, as @Marsha_R mentioned, build out a framework or use Test Items to call your composite tests in the intended order.

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