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Should Visualizer files be pushed to git?

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Should Visualizer files be pushed to git?

Hi Guys,



So currently for my git setting in project suit

I am doing following setting:

Tools menu -> Default Project Properties, there to Project -> Visualizer and turn off "Bind Visualizer frame to SCC". Now no Visualizer frames from newly created projects will be added to Git, but will still be accessible locally.
also ignore all png files by adding it to .gitignore file.

Therefore no png images from visualizer and even the whole Visualizer is not getting pushed to git.

Issue: When I do git pull from the repository and open the  project suite automatically Visualizer folder is created in each Project.
But as soon I open our Project suit I am getting error for visualizer file. (refer attachment below).




1 Anyone can help me to explain why this error is coming

2 Should I push visualizer file to git or not?

3 Does TestComplete automatically created Visualizer folder and try to load it even when not there?


Thanks in advance for the help

Community Manager

Re: Should Visualizer files be pushed to git?

Hi @Saman_Akhtar,


I see that you are working with the Support team on this question (case #00440855). Please continue your investigation with them and let us know the solution you will find.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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