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Right Click on TreeView List Area is not Recorded

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Right Click on TreeView List Area is not Recorded

I was using recording test feature for our GUI.


The first step after launching the GUI was right click on a treeview and a pop-up menu would show up. But after the recording finished, the first step of right clicking on the treeview is not recognized, i.e. the ClickR operation did not appear in the test steps , while the following steps like clicking on the pop-up menu were sucessfully recorded. 


This caused issues when running the test, since the ClickR operation is missing, TestComplete kept showing error message like cannot find 'xxx' (xxx is the item name on the pop-up menu for the following step).


To solve this, we manually added ClickR operation in the first step, but if we would like to do some more similar tests with this right click on the treeview operation, it would need us to manually add in this step again and again.


Can anyone help to provide any suggestion on how to solve this? Thanks!

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Re: Right Click on TreeView List Area is not Recorded

I'll tell you what I've told many others and many here have done the same...  Recording is a GREAT way to do initial investigation of your test and application undertest... but it should not be relied upon for the final creation of a test case.  99.999% of the time, you WILL be going back and editing your recording to make sure that you have all the bits and pieces where they need to be.


As to why the recording didn't capture the action... don't know the answer exactly but my suspicion is that when you right clicked in the initial recording, something wasn't quite ready for TestComplete to recognize the command... perhaps object identification was still in progress or perhaps the component was just not recognized at all.  Any number of things.  If the problem persist, contact SmartBear support directly and they will help determine the root cause.  But, in the meantime, recognize that you will be editing recordings and making modifications.

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