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Problems with Menu font and content

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Problems with Menu font and content

I using TestComplete 7.2 with Window 7 and it have problems:

 + Menu font is display not true

 + When record is completed, content not display.

Help me how to fix this problems, thanks for ur help.

RE: Problems with Menu font and content

Hi Anthony,

The latest version of the product is TestComplete 7.52. I recommend that you install this version. If the problem still persists with TC 7.52, please describe your actions leading to the issue in detail. Also, please provide us with detailed information about your system. To get the information, run msinfo32 (Start | Run...), save the information it provides to an *.NFO file (File | Save...) and send it to us.

BTW, does restarting TestComplete or restarting the system help to resolve the issue?
Dmitry Nikolaev

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