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Predefined Methods are not automatically built


Predefined Methods are not automatically built

Hi, I'm new to Test Complete.While writing Script Test, i'm unable to find predefined methods  after entering period(.)

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Re: Predefined Methods are not automatically built

Most likely because the call that assigns the value to "loginClick" is not returning anything.


First of all, I'm not sure that the "NativeWebObject" will actually have any child objects to find from.  That object off the page is simply for giving access to methods and properties that are overloaded by TestComplete.  Try moving the find to be directly from the page.


Also, your find call is incorrect.  




You have, as the third parameter, "a".  The third parameter is optional but should be a numeric if you're going to use it.  It indicates the depth in the hierarchy of how far down the tree of children you want to search for the object you want.  My guess is that "a" is being translated into blank or null because it's not numeric so you are simply searching the NativeWebObject only.... which won't have a contentText property of any sort.... so, you're getting a "blank" on the methods.



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