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Name Mapping Confusion

New Contributor

Name Mapping Confusion

I've inherited some VBScripts that test our software application using TC10.10. I've been updating these scripts to interact with our new CodeJock menu bar, and I'm running into a problem that is driving me CRAZY!! I'm learning as I go, so I am hoping there is a simple solution for this problem.

There are 8 projects within my project suite. I've adapted 4 of these scripts, and when I moved onto the next item (we'll call it No5), the name of the software's main page changes. I thought that the name mapping between TC projects was linked, however if I look at the object broswer and open the name mapping for No5 vs the previous 4 TC projects the objects change when I refresh. All the objects below this main form remain the same. Is there a way in this particular script that she may have renamed the object? Or is there a way for me to ignore that section with a wildcard? I appreciate some hints!




Sys.Process("Software").Form("Software Name Company Name, LLC")

To add on to that....the actual scripts are calling the previous naming, even though the "new" objects are mapped and all. Also, these scripts were upgraded from TC8.2.

I'm wondering if it is something to do with MSAA and I don't have it turned on or applied to all the scripts?? 

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