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My manual checkpoint is hidden


My manual checkpoint is hidden

I have a test with manual checkpoints.

The checkpoints always pop-up their box underneath the application I'm testing.

From the point of view of the person running the test, it just appears that all action has stopped.

I made a push notification, telling the user that they need to click on the TestComplete Icon at this point, because that brings the dialog to the front, but this is not a satisfactory solution.

I need the checkpoint dialog to be always on top, but can't find a control that will let me specify that.

Is it possible?  Or is this something I'll have to live with?
Joseph Hansen Software Tester Televere Systems

RE: My manual checkpoint is hidden

Hi Joseph.

I tried and found that using user forms and custom scripts brings dialog window on top of screen without extra tricks. I don't know why this feature does not work for "built-in" manual checkpoints.

Just create your own manual checkpoint (form itself and supporting function in scripts) and implement it in your tests.



RE: My manual checkpoint is hidden

Figured it out, kind of... that is the problem is gone, but I don't know why.

I was using the manual checkpoint keyword (Same icon as Call Object Method)

What I needed to do was call the manual checkpoint from within a script, and then use the script call keyword.

Once I made that change, for some reason, the dialog box now appears on top every time.

Don't understand why that would be different, but there you have it.
Joseph Hansen Software Tester Televere Systems
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