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Multiple DDT CSV's one test


Re: Multiple DDT CSV's one test

Wow, This is a cool idea!


I'll play around with it and see how it goes.


One thing though, I couldn't get the query to work right with the string you gave me.


'SELECT * from MySecondFile.csv where orderID = ''' + OrderID + '''

I fell into escape character hell and couldn't get it to work (using JS).

I ended up doing a template string.

 `Select * from JobEntryData.csv where TestID ="${testID}"`;

Although if I was to try to script extension it, that wouldn't work.




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Re: Multiple DDT CSV's one test

It's probably the escape characters for the string... PITA, yes, but once you get that SQL query figured out, you're golden.


I use this method of querying CSV files frequently.  It's more portable than using an SQL database and anyone can access and edit it... really nice for building out an automation framework. 

Let me know how it works out for you and if you need any further help.

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