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Long waiting time to start execution

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Long waiting time to start execution


93 seconds long


We are testing a dresktop app that has not changed in the last 2 weeks

We have not changed the script, mapping or anything in test complete.


We just used it to run tests and analyze results Last time we had succesfully ran tests and there where no issue was last week on the 17.10.2018, the tests started imediately


Trying to run the same tests again on friday 19.10.2018 there is a delay in starting the script of 93 seconds (attached ps)


I need to specify i am trying to run 1 test just as an example not the whole suite. Aslo i can notice that in that 93 sec, test complete does not record doing anything it looks like a waiting time of apx 93 sec every time i try to run it. the step and code attached


This waiting time is not in the code (delay).


Any sugestion much apreciated

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Re: Long waiting time to start execution



It is not easy to correllate the log with the code..., but a wild guess is:

It looks like you are using (a lot of) global variables and objects. Could it be that it was Excel that required that much time to start and open the file?


P.S. I'm not talking about things like silent Windows update and things like that that make test environments unstable and uncontrollable. I assume that this has been checked.


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