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Integration TestRail and TestComplete

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Re: Integration TestRail and TestComplete

The class looks like this:


const PORT = 8011;


function TestRailClientClass() {
    this.server = "http://localhost:" + PORT + "/";

TestRailClientClass.prototype.sendResult = function(caseId, caseStatus, failureReason) {
   let message = (caseStatus == 1 ? "test passed" : "test didn't passed");
   let request = aqHttp.CreateGetRequest(`http://localhost:8011/${caseId}_${caseStatus}_${failureReason}`);

module.exports.TestRailClientClass = TestRailClientClass;


Instance of TestRailClientClass sends result of each test to the server (outer program built on Java) that sends result to TestRail. The server uses TestRail API. In other words: I didn't manage to implement TestRail API using Javascript in TestComplete but I had the same implementation on Java, so I added server class to Java-project, that receives http-requests from TestComplete and then passes results to TestRail.

The chain looks like this:

Test passes/faies -> TestRailClientClass sends result to server -> Server sends result to TestRail


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