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How to install pyautogui for TestComplete

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How to install pyautogui for TestComplete

I am coding in Python for TestComplete projects, and it is python 3.x. I also have Python 2.7 installed on my computer, since sometimes I need to create stand alone python scripts fro non-GUI related tests.


From cmd, if I do pip install pyautogui, then it is installed for Python 2.7, when I want to import pyautogui for TestComplete, it will still give my error say No module named pyautogui.


Does anyone know how to install pyautogui for TestComplete? Thanks!

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Re: How to install pyautogui for TestComplete

In normal circumstances, you can use PIP to control the version it installs to.


But I'm not sure how this holds when dealing with TestComplete and Python as I don't use it within TC.

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Re: How to install pyautogui for TestComplete



I do not use Python either, but TestComplete holds its own instance of Python environment within the <TC>\Bin\Extensions\Python\ folder.

You can try to tweak it but, obviously, on your own risk. 😉

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