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Framework in 12 mins

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Re: Framework in 12 mins

I want to read the function from excel and somehow I need to execute that function in TestComplete. Could you please let me know a good way to do this. I really need a standard way of doing this.

I understand what you are trying to achieve. AFAIK there is no way to do this except for 2 ways you have already tried (eval and Runner.CallMethod).

I just don't understand why you implement such a difficult solution? Why not using TestItems?

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Re: Framework in 12 mins

I have around 1500+ test cases, all these test cases run by filters based on the command line parameters. each test case has a module, environment, release version. Based on the command line parameters test cases will get filtered with what module we are running based on the module, environment, and release.


I'm achieving this using ADODB query where I can form a  where clause by these values. I believe this situation can't be handled dynamically using the TestItem. If there is a way please suggest. 

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Re: Framework in 12 mins

We do something similar where at run time we determine what projects and test items to run based of Jira issue statuses. We use powershell scripts to build a list of projects and the test items in the project we need to run, then use powershell's XML parser to enable or disable the test items before opening the project.


All of our environment info is stored as JSON in text files that read in by test complete's on start test event handler. 


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