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Datadriven Using Excel for Scripts

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Datadriven Using Excel for Scripts

I want to use excel sheet for different test cases. 

Value corresponding to ScriptName Column will be the function name as well in TestCase Script file. 

Please help how to read and write values from excel and run in Javascript.

I have seen lot of documentation but it is not helpful and everywhere it is using keyword driven test with data loops. I do not want that. Please refer attached file. 



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Re: Datadriven Using Excel for Scripts

I have created step by step guide for reading excel please refer the article

Shankar R

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Re: Datadriven Using Excel for Scripts

Read the excel data and store in RecordSet as Shankar mentioned,


Use those values to build the function name and its arguments as a String Variable. Finally pass the variable to eval method to run the script which is present in the script file


Eg in Vbscript

Builder = objRS.Fields("ScriptName").Value & "(""OR_" & objRS.Fields("Username").Value & """)"

Eval(Builder) - This will identify the function in  TestCase Script file and will run it.


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Re: Datadriven Using Excel for Scripts

Hi @sdudani,


Just to make sure that you read this article


It contains very useful samples in different languages.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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