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'Clean up' NameMapping directory?


'Clean up' NameMapping directory?

Question: My NameMapping directory has a lot of duplicate objects listed. I am not sure why Test Complete created so many instances of the same exact items since nothing changed with the application I am testing. I have over 6 copies of my application in this directory. Can I just blow them away or merge them with the main object? Is there something I am doing during my record / playback that is causing these duplications?

If I delete these items and it turns out they were used in a test, does that test automatically fail or will it re-map itself to the correct object (main instance)?

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RE: 'Clean up' NameMapping directory?

Answering your second question first, deleting an Alias or mapped object that is in use WILL cause a test to fail with something on the lines of "Object not found".

As for pruning your NameMapping, I think you already mentioned elsewhere why your namemapping is so cluttered with apparent duplcates.   I'd say you need to, first of all, get a handle on more judicious selection of namemapping criteria to prevent the continued prolifieration of "trash" mapped objects...  believe me, I KNOW what you're dealing with... been there, done that..

Once you get a handle, you know, it might just actually be easier to blow it all away and start over rather than trying to figure out which ones are the right ones... as mentioned, though, this may cause other problems but it may be easier to correct references in tests than to sort through, literally, thousands of mapped objects to find the right ones...

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