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Checking Network Messages


Checking Network Messages

Hi All,


I would like to know if Test Complete has the ability to check for network messages?


Following is what I plan to test:


There are 2 applications that are communicating with each other via network messages. For example, Application A sends a 10700 mesg to Application B which is a "Keep Alive" message. 


I need to check if Application A sends the 10700 message and if Application B receives that message. 





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Re: Checking Network Messages

Not "out of the box", but I'm sure you could code something to do so, depending upon the communication protocols.  There are better tools for that kind of testing, though, which you might be able to implement the execution of using TestComplete.  

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Re: Checking Network Messages

Thank you, Robert!


I got some info on Wireshark. Checking to see if there is a way to integrate it with TC!

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