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CesiumJS API


CesiumJS API


I am trial TestComplete against a web-based application which is highly graphics rendering based.

It uses the CesiumJS API to render the HMI.

Does anyone know if TestComplete supports the Cesium controllers?


I have done a brief test on the application under test and TestComplete fails to record and replay mouse clicks. It cannot pick up any objects of the application.



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Re: CesiumJS API

Best to check directly with Support about that question - here's a link

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Re: CesiumJS API



TestComplete operates with HTML markup of the tested web page and does not depend on how this markup is generated.

Can you provide an example of the page markup that is not recognized by TestComplete?


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Re: CesiumJS API

Hi @hiepwork08 ! Did you solve this? Please let us know!


Otherwise, please provide the Community with the info Alex is asking in his reply above.

Alternatively, please contact Support

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