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Accessing global variable values

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Accessing global variable values

Hi All,

Is there a way to access the values of the global variable in my case an array which gets value stored during the run time . 

To be specific consider there are 2 scripts unit1 and unit2 in unit1 I have declared an array say company(5) during run time the company array gets it value from a procedure in unit1 script. Can I access these values in procedures of script unit2 


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RE: Accessing global variable values

Depending upon your script language the actual command may differ.  but, for JScript, you can use

at the beginning of your unit 2.  You can then call the variable as

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RE: Accessing global variable values

The short answer is yes.

The complicated answer is that you may not have a circular reference.

That is UNIT2 cannot reference UNIT1 if UNIT1 already references UNIT2.

If you need to access the same variables from each script consider adding a third unit.

You'll want to use the USEUNIT statement in the beggining of your script to link scripts:

Then declare the global variable outside a function.

JScript Ex:



function main(){





function main2(){




company = new Array(5);


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RE: Accessing global variable values

You could also try using the project and project suite variables. The variables and data will persist between test runs but you can always write a helper function to delete them when you are done. I use the project suite variables in my test runs for sharing data between scripts and it works great. In some cases I want the variables to persist between test runs and  in some I only need them to be temporary. For the latter case I have a script that deletes them at the end of a test run.

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