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AI Testing tutorials for real world scenarios


AI Testing tutorials for real world scenarios

Can you send me links to AI Testing tutorials for real world scenarios?


Partha Mandayam
Software Consultant
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Re: AI Testing tutorials for real world scenarios

"real world" is different for everyone as we are all testing different things


Did you look on the website and find anything close to what you need?

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Re: AI Testing tutorials for real world scenarios

Keep in mind that these forums are user-driven forums.  So, if you're looking for official documentation or tutorials, we might be able to help you... but they might not be the "official" reply from SmartBear.  Your best bet is to contact SmartBear support to get their official stuff.  

In the meantime.... start here.


This is the FULL set of documentation for TestComplete.  There are tutorials documented in there as well.  It's searchable with cross-references.  

Robert Martin
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