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how to select the sub menu level object

Hello Team,


i'm new to use TestComplete automation tool, tried several scripting and i stuck at point where i need some support to go ahead with my scripting. believe me i tried lot to search my query on existing forum but i didn't find any suitable answer for this question.

Well talking on straightly on the my point.At several places of my application does have sub menu options and without selecting it we are not able to move ahead so my question is that what syntax i should use to select and click on specific sub menu option. for example 

we have employee designation as parent menu and it contain three sub menu level e.g. Lead,Senior and Junior.
so to select and click on Senior level sub menu option what is the syntax i should use in my recorded script. please note that i using recorded mode and manually designing script for specific object only.


Thanks in advance


Amit Bhagwat

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Re: how to select the sub menu level object



So, I assume your menu looks like below,






If this is the case. In your menu object try some thing below,






If above method doesn't work share below information,

  • Snapshot of Menu Object and its Properties
  • Code you are trying
  • What is the AUT technology

Shankar R

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