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Working with Appeon Web Application.

New Contributor

Working with Appeon Web Application.

Hi Colleagues,


I'm wondering does anyone have experience with testing Appeon Web applications with TestComplete?


I'm trying to test sample demo app -


Getting next issue:

In TC object explorer only top level Objects could be identified. But innter Object become visible only after click on them by coordinates.


If anyone have any ideas or experience with appeon please reply.




Community Hero

Re: Working with Appeon Web Application.

Make sure you have the proper setup for the browser(s) you are using:

Community Hero

Re: Working with Appeon Web Application.

Hi Oleg,


From what I see:

a) The referenced site tries to download and install some executable with something that pretends to be a browser plug-in;

b) A quick skimming of the Appeon start page made me think that Appeon is something that makes it possible to use PowerBuilder UI (and logic?) from web browser.


The above two points make me think that the browser does not display any html UI but instead just launches the mentioned plug-in and plug-in renders the UI in some manner (either via regular OS UI controls, or, more probably, by drawing them directly on its canvas or some other way).

You may try to use MSAA in TestComplete (like it is recommended for PowerBuilder, for example) and check if it helps.

Alternatively, you may contact Appeon's support and ask their recommendations as for how to access rendered controls using test automation tool (TestComplete).

  /Alex [Community Hero]
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New Contributor

Re: Working with Appeon Web Application.

Thanks Alex,


You absolutely right:

Appeon Web - it's not real Web Application.

I can detect most elements from it by MSAA.

But have some difficults with some specific controls - like a Tables.


Good point to contact with Appeon Support, thanks for that ).

New Contributor

Re: Working with Appeon Web Application.

It's not a real Web Application, so browser setting has no effect there.

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