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VBScript Vs JScript for a Desktop application to be automated

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VBScript Vs JScript for a Desktop application to be automated

I am working on functional automation of a desktop application, and i am evaluating both VBScript and JScript languages for scripting. Both languages are new to me.

This Desktop application is developped in Java. Please suggest whcih one among those two would be most suitable.


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RE: VBScript Vs JScript for a Desktop application to be automated

Hi Lakshmi,

Both languages are good for automating desktop applications and it is irrelevant what language was used to create the tested application itself.

Both languages have their pros and cons, but these pros and cons are cases of personal preferences and while one can treat some case as a complete showstopper another one will not even mention it.

So, as both these languages are new for you, I would recommend to consider things like: what language I prefer to know; for what language it will be more easy to find a people for my team later; what language will be more convenient for the use in other test projects (code reuse) (VBScript is the worst choice for testing Web Services, for example); etc. and make your decision based on the answers been made.

P.S. I expect that there will be quite a lot of replies in favor of JScript... Maybe guys will mention something that will really matter to you, but as I said, both languages are equal as for the functionality provided and everything you will need for your tests can be implemented using any of these languages.
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RE: VBScript Vs JScript for a Desktop application to be automated

I used VBScript for about a year before converting all my projects to JScript. VBScript is easier for a lot of things, such as string manipulation and simple built in shell functions such as "msgbox",multidimensional arrays,file iteration, etc.. JScript code is much cleaner thus easier to read and I believe more widely used. So exactly as Alexei says it comes to personal preference. Speaking from my own personal experience I would suggest that if you're new to programming starting with VBScript will make the transition easier but will add more work later down the road if you want to switch to cleaner code such as JScript.

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