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Trouble converting dates to string

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Trouble converting dates to string

This is posted as a reminder of an unresolved issue in the newsgroups, which have become obsolete:

RE: Trouble converting dates to string

Hello Karl,

The problem has been fixed in TestComplete 7.0. Try using the latest version of the product (TC 7.51) and check whether the problem persists.

Dmitry Nikolaev

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RE: Trouble converting dates to string

No, this is not quite resolved (running TestComplete 7.52).

Now when I run the code

Log.Message(aqConvert.DateTimeToFormatStr(aqDateTime.SetDateElements(1899, 12, 31), '%Y-%m-%d'));

I get the following error:

Unable to get a formatted string for dates earlier than 1900.

However, this works OK for

Log.Message(aqConvert.DateTimeToStr(aqDateTime.SetDateElements(1899, 12, 30)));


RE: Trouble converting dates to string

Hi Karl,

At the moment, there are some problems with using dates earlier than 1900 in the aqConvert.DateTimeToFormatStr method - TestComplete can crash in some cases. So, we decided to limit using dates in the method: you cannot work with dates earlier than 1900. We are working on this problem.

Currently, you can use the Utilities.FormatDateTime method as a workaround. 

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