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To reload error

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To reload error

i keep getting this error when ever i change some thing in my script steps. In this project i have login script added as an existing item form shared project.

But i am not touching that script and even though i do some changes in another keyword test of project  while saving it gives this error.

Please look at the screen shot of the error. o want to know if i say yes, what does it do.

I see some of my name mapping recorded are wiped out and when i play agagin it doesn't play back.

I am really getting frustated with this tool and how it works.

 No clear idea how does it work.

RE: To reload error


That is not an error, just and ordinary informative message. Most likely you have added a name mapping (or other project item) as existing item to another project so that they became referred to the same tcNM file, and you had several editors opened for the same name mapping from different projects, that's why while modifying it in first editor, second editor had to be refreshed, and TestComplete asked you to reload it.

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RE: To reload error

Yes Pavel, i am sorry it's not error. But what does it do. It will overwrite the name mapping of shared project from where i added the login script.

I see that namemapppings for both projects are same and also if i add this login script to any third project, it is copying the whole name mapping that is exisiting for the shared project. Is that making it be overwritten by the new project according to what i develop

RE: To reload error

Hi Sri,

I suggest that you merge your NameMapping files to avoid the issue. See the "Merging Name Mapping Files" article for information.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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