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TestExecute Exit Code on Vista

New Contributor

TestExecute Exit Code on Vista

I have a TestComplete project that I run on three operating systems: Vista-64, XP-64, and XP-32.

In the test logs, everything is fine--there are no errors or warnings reported.  When I use Hudson to

launch TestExecute, it works fine on the XP systems, but not on the Vista system.  On Vista, there is

always an exit code of -1, even when the TestComplete logs say that everything is fine--no

errors and no warnings. 

I have narrowed the problem down to using script extensions.  If I run a simple script such as

the following, the exit code is zero.

function Main ()


  Log.Message ('hello world');


However, if I make a script extension that contains only Log.Message and call it instead, then

I get an exit code of -1 on Vista while it works fine on XP.  What &$*%^@ Vista setting do I

have to change to get this exit code working properly?  Or, should I simply wrap the TestExecute

call in a .bat file?





RE: TestExecute Exit Code on Vista

Hi Glen,

We were unable to recreate the problem here with TestExecute 7.50. Could you please tell me which exactly version of the tool you have? Please clarify what 'Hudson' is and how exactly you run TestExecute and check its exit code. Also, please send us your script extension. You can send us files this using our Contact Support form (

Dmitry Nikolaev

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