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TestComplete 6 to TestComplete 7 project conversion

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TestComplete 6 to TestComplete 7 project conversion


Our functional automation team has begun upgrading from 6.5 to 7.5.  We are testing our projects with 7.5.  Upon opening the project we are asked to convert it to be 7.5 compatible.  We've gone ahead and done this for our local projects but eventually we'll have to check the converted projects into our production version via TFS.  Does anyone know exactly which files get converted during this process, so we can just check those in as opposed to every file in our project?


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The actual script code units don't get converted.  However, everything that, internally, has an XML structure do.  This includes the MDS, the PJS, tcScript, tcApps, etc.  Essentially, all the structural parts of the project structure.

If you're using a source control application (like Visual Source Safe), you should be able to do a comparison and discover which files have been altered.

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Hi Paul,

It would be better if after the conversation you put all files (listed in the "List of Files Added to Source Code Control" help topic) of the converted project suite to the SCC. 

You might consider creating a new project for the converted project suite in the SCC.

BTW, you might consider using the TC SCC integration functionality. It allows you to work with supported SCC systems directly from TC (see the "Integration With Source Code Control Systems" help topic).

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