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Test items in Projects & ProjectSuites

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Test items in Projects & ProjectSuites


We have created lots of different projects testing differents modules & areas of our Tested App.

Initially we had them all in one big Project suite but this was getting too big and we are starting to see unspecified errors & Test Complete Out of memory issues so we have made the choice to separate out into multiple project suites...

We now have different Projectsuites that include only the projects that are required for that particular test...which we thought made more sense..

However, some projects are required in multiple project suites but now the same project  may have slightly different test items enabled in each project suite...

is this possible? or am I right in thinking the status of the Testitems for a project is stored in the project file,

ie. if I set all the testitems to be on in  projectA in ProjectSuiteA

but in some are set to off in Project A in ProjectSuiteB

it will depend on which Projectsuite, was saved last as to the status of ProjectA  test items..

Do I need to save ProjectA  as two separate projects because it has two separate configurations of  testitems ???

any help on this would be very helpful

kindest regards

Kay Chamberlain
Leica Microsystems Cambridge Ltd

RE: Test items in Projects & ProjectSuites

Hi Kay,

I can suggest that you have a separate project for every project suite. However, all these common projects should share the same project items and tests. In this case, you will have a number of projects containing the same test data, but with different settings including different test items trees. Please see theTests and Test Items help topic for more information.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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