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Smartbear Chrome Test Extension errors

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Smartbear Chrome Test Extension errors

Test Project ran fine for months, last night lots of errors and no objects could be found in Chrome.

Now cannot record or play back anything in Chrome. I uninstalled Testcomplete and chrome , rebooted PC and installed both again(ensuring the extension was enabled). The problem still persists. 

On looking at the extension I have some errors as below:


1. Unchecked runtime.lastError: Failed to start native messaging host.



Stack Trace
  • background.htm:0 (anonymous function)


2. Error in event handler: Error: Attempting to use a disconnected port object



Stack Trace
  • background.js:126 (destroyObject)
  • background.js:176 (anonymous function)


Chrome version is 72.0.3626.121

Testcomplete version is 14.10.1042.7 x64

I have admin rights and all registry entries are correct


Any ideas of what is going on?


Many Thanks

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Re: Smartbear Chrome Test Extension errors

I suggest that you contact Support directly with your question.  Here's the link: