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Rich data structures in keyword testing aproach

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Rich data structures in keyword testing aproach

I program tests in visual basic and keyword - driven. Since I have reached a quite large amount of tests, the source code is begining to become complexe.

I want to beging to encapsule my data and build "rich" or not simple data types.

I found solutions as DLL or the ODT aproach. Also visual basic scripts allows you to define classes but it is really not considered an object oriented language.

Which solution is best to build better data structures? Is compatible the ODT classes with my keyword test driven methodology?

I would appriciate suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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RE: Rich data structures in keyword testing aproach

Hi Didac, I use JScript and from my experience using JScript "classes" for complex data types is the way to go.


I have also used VBScript Classes and these should fit your requirements.

However, I would recommend reading the Specifics of Usage article here for special caveats around there usage, paying a close note to the following section:


"in TestComplete’s VBScript projects, you can create class instances only in the same script unit...

...To solve the problem, you can create a helper routine in the unit, in which the class is defined."



Phil Baird

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