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Programming tests while running remote desktop

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Programming tests while running remote desktop

I have the strangest problem:

I work from home 1 day a week and here is what happens: I have created and run my test several times. It runs beautifully.

On friday, I login from home, take control of my work pc using Remote desktop and run my test. It fails.

After some debugging it seems that objects are recognised differently in this situation. When I am at my desk, the onscreen objects are shown the same in the object tree, the object viewer and the objects that are found when findchild or waitchild methods are used in the script. But when I work from home and connect through remote desktop the objecttree and object viewer show the objects as I expect them, but the findchild and waitchild methods return the objects with missing properties.

The wndIndex and wndClass properties are missing. Also the .keys method is not available and the .click method is different.

The sut is a delphi application.

Is this a knows issue? Anyone else experiencing this?

RE: Programming tests while running remote desktop

Hi Steve,

Did you minimize the Remote Desktop window or disconnect from Remote Desktop Connection? When running the GUI tests via Remote Desktop, don't minimize the Remote Desktop window. When the Remote Desktop window is minimized or Remote Desktop Connection is closed, the operating system does not draw the GUI, so, TestComplete will not be able to "see" the tested application's interface and thus will fail to interact with it.

For details, please see the 'Running Tests via Remote Desktop' help topic.

Dmitry Nikolaev

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