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Problem Testing Flex Application

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Problem Testing Flex Application


I'm trying to test a web flex application , and i'm in a big trouble.


   Windows Xp Sp3, IE7, Firefox 3.5.7, Flash player 10.0.42

    TestComplete 7.51, all plugins installed by default (web pages, mssa, firefox support ..)

Application tested:

   Our application have empty mxml file. It creates the interface dynamically based upon an xml description

    received from a web service call.


   The application has been "prepared" as decribed in the documentation :

  • Appplication accessibility enabled,

  • library FlexClient.swc added to the libraries,

  • html wrapper page created,

  • Securty setting set for the application.


  I can not see any of the element of the interface (button, edit , combo, menu  ...) neither by using the finder tool nor by using the object browser.

When i test  a "classic " application (one which describe its interface in the mxml file), it seems to be ok. I can see all the element.


  Does TestComplete support this kind of application ?

  How Can I do regression Testing in my case ? ( using low level procedure, ok, but how to verify object property (element enable, visible ...) ?

  Does anyone has experience to share testing this kind of application ?


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RE: Problem Testing Flex Application


We keep on trying to test our application with TC but until now , we failed.

We are wondering which version of flex sdk is supported by TC, since the version of the FlexClient.swc library seems to be in 3.0.

We have tested many small applications to understand why it does not run.

The fact that the mxml file is empty, is not the reason.

The fact that the interface is created dynamically neither.

We met different comportment between IE7 and Firefox.

We met more problems with firefox.

For the same small application, we can see the Ui elements with IE and not not with firefox.

Until now, all element of our application are seen as Graphic(0)


Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: Problem Testing Flex Application


I try to script with another Tool, "RIATest".

We can see all the element of our UI using this tool whereas we see nothing with TestComplete 7.51 FOR THE SAME APPLICATION !!!!

See the attached pictures.

So What Can I do for TestComplete to run correctly ????


RE: Problem Testing Flex Application

Hi Karim,

We are not aware of the issue. We will investigate the problem, and I will contact you as soon as we get some results.

Dmitry Nikolaev

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