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Preparing an Object Recognition hint after upgrade.

Currently running 12.42.3048.7.


Prior to the update everything was running correctly. I am just clicking an button in a windows application. The weirdest part of the whole scenario is that everything happens after the object is clicked.


Automation flow is something like



Click Object 

Then the application starts preparing the object recognition hint for the item it had just successfully clicked.


This wouldn't be a big deal, but it is adding an hour and a half to the test cycle. 


I have come at it from a couple of different angles, but everything seems to click the object, but all of them seem to be trying to do a check or something after the fact.


Thanks for any input.

New Contributor

Re: Preparing an Object Recognition hint after upgrade.

There is such issue for Version: 12.42.3048.7 x64. Please see:


I contacted the support team and they sent me a patch that resolved it.