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Object names changing after updating

New Contributor

Object names changing after updating


It seems that if we update our website, even if the objects that I am testing are not changed in the update, the object names will still change. I am using TestComplete 9.20 on Internet Explorer. For example, an object name might go from:




The number after cell gets changed. I bolded this number to make it easier to find.

This causes the test to not find the object on the website and thus fail. Is there any way to get around this using Keyword Testing? 

Thank you,



RE: Object names changing after updating

This may not be the best way to identify some element in your application. 


That way you have a very strong dependence of the stability of its application. If some field changes location on the screen, although the properties are the same, you certainly will not find it at runtime. 


Consider using another way to look for the elements on the screen. 


See more at: 


Community Manager

RE: Object names changing after updating

Hi Taylor,


There is a great video demonstrating TestComplete's features you may use to create a reliable test for dynamic objects. 


Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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