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NTML SSO Authorization

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NTML SSO Authorization

Hi Everyone!


Please advise on api NTML  SSO Authorization  within TestComplete functionality.

I'm not able to find any information on this topic but we need this to be done in TC because of creation precondition for UI via api, ( this authorization works perfect drom the box in LoadRunner and Jmeter) 


Thanks in advance


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Re: NTML SSO Authorization

What have you tried?  I know you said you were looking for documentation, but have you tried creating code or functions to perform the task you need?  


First thing I'd try is attempt to record the action and then see how TestComplete operates with it.

Keep in mind LoadRunner and JMeter are both load/stress testing applications intended, specifically, to operate on a low level.  TestComplete is a functional/regression test tool that interacts with the UI of the application in order to execute functional tests.  If you want something that has the functionality of LoadRunner, SmartBear has the LoadComplete tool that might meet your needs better.

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Re: NTML SSO Authorization


Now, I'm trying to re-implement NTLM authorization from this link, it take time cause version of JScript is much higher.



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Re: NTML SSO Authorization

Hi Roman,


> cause version of JScript is much higher.

a) Note, that the code on the link is JavaScript, but not JScript. I did not check it myself, but I expect that the referenced code will work as is in TC within the JavaScript-based project (not JScript-based).


> LoadRunner and Jmeter

Both these tools are load-testing ones and thus this is their functional domain to be able to handle different authentications.

LoadComplete by SmartBear is also load-testing tool and thus it also handles NTLM authentication.

The primary domain of TestComplete is functional UI testing and thus it does not provide (direct) support for NTLM authentication because this is something that must be transparent for the human end-user.
Considering, that NTLM authentication uses hashing and encryption I would not expect a lot of its implementations via scripting.

You may contact Support directly via the form.

Another possible option is to search for .Net implementation of NTLM authentication and try to implement it using CLR Bridge functionality in TestComplete.

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