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Meet our Community Experts

Hello Community!


Today, I’m happy to announce a Community Expert group – the group of community members who are actively participating in our community, well-informed on SmartBear products, always ready to help us in learning new product features. Meet our first experts:


Gena Alpaev


Alexei Karas


We asked Gena and Alexei to say several words about themselves. You can read them here.


Please join me in welcoming Gena and Alexei getting into the Community Exert group!


Note, that everyone can join Gena and Alexei and become a Community Expert. Participate in the community and boost your reputation! Check this page to learn how.

Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager
Community Manager

RE: Meet our Community Experts

Wow - Gena, Alexei, my congratulations! You guys really deserve it.

Thanks for being with us during these years, helping the Community members, and giving your valuable feedback to SmartBear. We appreciate it!

Keep this great attitude, and continue being the Community Rockstarts! Smiley Happy

Customer Care Manager
Community Leader

RE: Meet our Community Experts

Wow - Alex!

Haven't seen your posts here for ages Smiley Happy

Good to know that you are still somewhere here.
Community Hero

RE: Meet our Community Experts

Would like just to be second to Gena's

"Wow - Alex! Haven't seen your posts here for ages Smiley Happy"

Thank you for your kind words and, remembering the quality of your posts (based on the level of investigation), I am also really happy to hear from you on these forums!

Tanya, I am also grateful you for the announcements -- they are very encouraging.
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